Behind the scenes: Michelle Obama's Biden frustration

 June 28, 2024

The trouble in the White House paradise extends beyond the Biden family and spills into President Joe Biden's former running mate's family, according to a recent report by Axios.

Two sources familiar with the matter informed Axios that former First Lady Michelle Obama had privately voiced her displeasure with the Biden family's treatment of her close friend Kathleen Buhle following Buhle's contentious divorce from Hunter Biden.

The sources stated that one of the most popular Democrats has not campaigned for Biden's re-election, despite former President Obama's willingness to serve as a surrogate, in part due to family issues.

Lack of campaigning

According to those in the know, Michelle Obama was hesitant to campaign for Joe Biden at first following his 2020 Democratic nomination, as was reported by Axios.

Public demonstrations of friendship between the families, according to Biden's staff, are evidence of how close the families are. However, there is significant indication that the relationship chilled almost a decade ago, in 2015.

Although Michelle Obama has re-posted Joe Biden's announcement of his re-election candidacy, she has not posted anything in support of his campaign since he entered the race, despite the fact that former president Obama frequently endorses and supports Biden in X postings.

The former first lady's main emphasis is on When We All Vote, an apolitical organization that registers voters.

The Tiff

During her time in as first lady, Michelle Obama became acquainted with Buhle and confided in others about her feelings of wrongdoing toward Buhle.

Buhle dealt with Hunter's drug usage and adultery; later, members of the Biden family accused Buhle of leaking some of the scandalous aspects of Hunter's behavior.

Although there are times of difficulty, the connection between the Biden and Obama families is also sometimes warm, according to the report.

A source close to the families informed journalists that Jill Biden attended Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother, recently at the memorial service.

Jill Biden "graciously" paid her respects during the ceremony, according to a representative for Michelle Obama.

From Michelle's Office

A spokesperson for Michelle Obama,  Crystal Carson, tried to reinforce the narrative that the former First Lady supports Biden's re-election and added: "She is friends with Kathleen and with the Bidens. Two things can be true."

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates echoed those sentiments, telling reporters that the two families are bound as if by blood.

From Bates: "The Biden and Obama families are like family to one other, and whomever made these claims about that relationship isn't familiar with it."

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