Biden campaign claims it will no longer feed questions to the media

 July 8, 2024

President Joe Biden's handlers are now trying to claim that they will no longer be feeding questions to reporters. 

This is according to a new report from the New York Post

The outlet, for its source, cites "a source familiar with Biden's booking operation for media outlets.

"While interview hosts have always been free to ask whatever questions they please, moving forward we will refrain from offering suggested questions," the anonymous source told the outlet

Another Biden scandal explodes

This all comes after two local radio hosts revealed that Biden's people fed them questions that they wanted the hosts to ask Biden during recent interviews.

One of the radio hosts is Andrea-Lawful Sanders, formerly of WURD Radio, a Philadelphia-based Black-owned radio station. And, the other host is Earl Ingram of WMCS, a local Milwaukee radio station.

Both hosts interviewed Biden after his poor performance at the first presidential debate. And, both have now revealed that, prior to the interviews, they were fed questions by Biden's people.

Take a look:

The backlash

For many of us, none of this is really that surprising. From day one, we have watched as the White House has carefully controlled Biden's interactions with the press. So, the idea that Biden's people have been feeding interviewers questions is really not that surprising.

What makes this a big story, however, is simply the fact that the rumors have now been confirmed. We now know for a fact that Biden's people have been essentially scripting his interviews.

Given this, the Biden campaign's claim - that it will no longer feed questions to interviewers - is also not that surprising. It would probably have been more accurate if the campaign said that it would no longer feed questions to interviewers who might rat them out.

It's not just Biden and his people, however, who are facing a backlash following this revelation. The radio hosts are also facing criticism for going along with it.

It is for this reason that WURD has decided to "part ways" with Lawful-Sanders. At the time of this writing, however, Ingram has been allowed to keep his job.

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