Biden chooses Harris to lead new gun control office

 September 24, 2023

President Joe Biden has chosen Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. 

Politico reports: "Vice President Kamala Harris will lead a new federal office of gun violence prevention, the White House said Thursday."

According to Politico's report, Harris is a natural fit because, apparently, she "has played a leading role in gun safety policy."

The decision to put Harris atop the office, however, is being questioned by many considering Harris's unpopularity and her lack of success as vice president.


The White House announced the creation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention in a press release that it published on Thursday. Then, Biden publicly announced the creation of the office on Friday.

According to Fox News, Biden, on Friday, said that the office will have four major functions.

Fox reports that these functions include:

[the] expedited implementation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which was passed last year with Democratic and Republican support, and expedited implementation of his executive actions on gun control, coordinating more support for victims after shootings "in the same way FEMA responds to natural disasters," identify new executive orders he can sign, and work with state and local partners to pass laws at that level.

In other words, it appears that, through this office, Biden is going to attempt to pursue the type of gun control measures that he and his fellow Democrats have been unable to get through Congress.

Once again, Biden is attempting to do this through executive action. This is how he created the office.

"Our promise . . . is this"

Harris has also released a statement following the creation of the office.

Harris said:

The new Office of Gun Violence Prevention will play a critical role in implementing President Biden’s and my efforts to reduce violence to the fullest extent under the law, while also engaging and encouraging Congressional leaders, state and local leaders, and advocates to come together to build upon the meaningful progress that we have made to save lives.

Harris added, "Our promise to the American people is this: we will not stop working to end the epidemic of gun violence in every community, because we do not have a moment, nor a life to spare."

We'll have to see if this project turns out the same way as Harris's other projects have.

Remember when Biden made her border "czar"? That was a long time ago, and the latest reports indicate that the southern border is doing as poorly as ever.

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