Biden son-in-law entangling him even more with China

October 7, 2023

Apparently, there isn't one single member of the Biden family that isn't closely tied to China.

Alex Marlow's new book Breaking Biden has brought a new connection to light--that of Ashley Biden's husband and his connections to both China and the Biden administration.

Marlow details how Ashley Biden's husband since 2012, Dr. Howard Krein, was hired by the Biden campaign in 2020 to advise it how to "cure cancer" via a "cancer moonshot." This is after Biden introduced Krein, who used to be a surgeon, to Obama in 2011 and got him started in big-money healthcare business in the first place.

Biden claimed in July that he "effectively ended cancer as we know it" even though no such thing is the case. Cancer deaths are expected to be over 600,000 in 2023, with 2 million new cases diagnosed and only a small decline from previous years.

China and the cancer moonshot

Furthermore, it turns out Krein's business, StartUp Health, is largely funded by the Chinese, including Ping An, one of China's biggest insurance companies.

So indirectly, China is involved in Biden's cancer moonshot initiative because of his connection to Krein.

The Biden administration also gave a $53.4 billion PPE contract to another healthcare company, Henry Schein, which is linked to Krein and StartUp.

How cozy. The Biden administration funneled billions to Krein or his associates, benefitting Biden's family and China.

How is this not a problem for anyone other than a few conservatives?


Even more than that, Ashley Biden's husband was advising the president on COVID-19 while making billions off the virus and getting funding from China, where the virus came from.

I'm starting to get dizzy.

It's easy to see why Biden would be pushing COVID-19 vaccines so hard, even faced with evidence that they don't work and may be causing a number of health issues and even sudden death in a small number of people.

Just follow the money--right back to China!

China is so intertwined with the Biden family at this point that it might as well be running the U.S. We need to get Biden out of the White House before China's control becomes even more overt and we can't find a way to disentangle ourselves from the Chinese Communists that are so obviously seeking to take over.

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Thomas Jefferson
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