Biden-Trump debate rules spell bad news for the White House

 June 16, 2024

President Joe Biden could be in some major trouble. 

Fox News reports that CNN has just finalized the rules for the first presidential debate and that the rules might be problematic for Biden.

This comes with the debate being a little less than two weeks away.

At the very least, former President Donald Trump - the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee - and Biden - the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee - will face off. It remains unclear whether other candidates, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., will also make the debate stage.

The finalized rules

The big problem for Biden is that it appears that he will not be able to get any outside help from the White House or others.

"CNN said there will be two commercial breaks during the debate, and candidates will not be allowed to consult with other members of their campaign during that time," Fox News reports.

It adds, "The network also noted that candidates' podiums and positions will be determined by a coin flip, their mics will be muted outside of speaking time, and they will only be provided with a pen, a notepad, and a bottle of water. Candidates will not be allowed to bring props or prepared notes."

The big question is whether Biden will be allowed to have an earpiece through which he might be fed some answers.

It would appear that the answer is no.

Both candidates have agreed

Biden and Trump, according to Newsmax, have both agreed to the rules that have been put forth by CNN.

The debate is scheduled for June 27. It will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, and it will be hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. The debate is scheduled to last for 90 minutes.

An even bigger question than the one mentioned above is whether Biden, given his current condition, will be able to get through the debate, especially given that, apparently, he will not have any assistance.

Americans don't seem to think so.

The Daily Wire reports that a recent poll found the following:

Seventy percent of those surveyed expect the 81-year-old Biden to mess up his words, 49% expect him to forget where he is, 41% expect him to walk off the wrong side of the stage, and 40% expect Biden to have issues standing up. Only 39% predicted Biden would win the debate, while 50%, including 13% of Democrats, said they expect Trump to win, according to the poll.

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