Biden will face no charges for mishandling classified documents

 November 17, 2023

Joe Biden will not face any criminal charges for mishandling classified documents.

The Special Counsel in charge of the probe, Robert Hur, is expected to give Biden a sharp reprimand, but nothing more, according to media reports.

Trump blasted the news as more evidence that he is up against a corrupt and weaponized justice system. The Justice Department is pursuing President Trump, Biden's likely electoral opponent in 2024, on charges of mishandling classified information.

“Wow! Fake news CNN, through a leak from the Department of Injustice, has just reported that no charges will be filed in the (much bigger than mine!!!) Crooked Joe Biden documents case,” Trump wrote. “We are living in a very corrupt country!"

No charges for Biden

Hur plans to release a report on the Biden documents by the end of the year, CNN reported. Biden sat down for a "voluntary" interview with Hur in October.

Biden's team says they found the documents in November 2022, days before the midterm elections, but the documents' existence was not reported in the media until January.

After a brief spasm of critical news coverage, the story disappeared from the headlines.

Double standard?

Trump is accused of unlawfully withholding documents at his Mar-A-Lago estate after leaving the White House. Biden similarly kept government documents at the Penn Biden Center and at his home in Delaware, where documents were notoriously stored in a garage near Biden's Corvette.

However, the FBI never raided Biden's home like they did Mar-A-Lago last year.

Biden's defenders have insisted the Trump and Biden document controversies are nothing alike, despite striking parallels.

Biden and his team have said they were forthcoming about returning the documents once they were "discovered" in November of 2022, but the exact circumstances of when and how the documents were found remain unclear.

Republicans say Biden's timeline is "incomplete" and that White House lawyers were canvassing the Penn Biden Center for months before the documents were supposedly "discovered."

Hur, who served as a U.S. attorney for Maryland under President Trump, was appointed Special Counsel by Biden's attorney general Merrick Garland in January.

Trump's classified documents trial is scheduled to begin in May, but the judge has hinted she may postpone it until after the election.

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