Biden's daughter had an affair with 'a violent junkie': Report

 June 10, 2024

President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley Biden once had an affair with a "violent junkie."

This is according to an exclusive new report from the Daily Mail, titled, Aslehy Biden's secret lover revealed. 

The lover is identified as Eric Dengler. He has since passed away due to a drug overdose.

It appears that the Daily Mail got some of the information for its report from a dairy that belonged to the 42-year-old Ashley Biden. This appears to be the same diary that was stolen from Biden and published on the internet.

Here are the details:

According to the Daily Mail, Dengler is one of two "lovers" whom Ashley Biden wrote about in her diary. Here, we are going to focus on her affair with Dengler. The outlet reports that the two met in rehab.

Per the Daily Mail: "[Ashely Biden] praised Eric Dengler's 'style and swag' after falling for him during a stint in rehab – writing in her diary: 'He is a great kisser. And he is calming + sweet.'"

The outlet goes on to report Biden as writing, "I don't know if I even need to kiss a guy – just come over and f*** me – sober."

In the diary, she describes Dengler as "a surfer [who is] not highly educated," someone who "barely knows his grammar." She writes, however, "he does know how to love."

With its report, the Daily Mail includes a photograph of the relevant portion of Ashley Biden's diary, written in her handwriting.

Here's more info about Dengler:

The Daily Mail, in its reports, also includes details about Dengler that were provided by some of Dengler's victims and former acquaintances.

"The six-foot-six-inch con's former victims remember him as a brazen criminal who spent a total of six years in Florida prisons for robbery, drug trafficking, and theft."

One former acquaintance told the outlet, "All he cared about was surfing and getting wasted. That guy was a danger to himself and others."

Indeed, the Daily Mail reports that "Dengler's lifestyle caught up with him in April last year when he was found dead at age 39 after overdosing on a cocktail of fentanyl, oxycodone, and morphine."

Neither Ashley Biden nor any other member of the Biden family has commented upon the Daily Mail's report. This all comes as Ashley Biden's half-brother - Hunter Biden - is facing criminal gun charges. Ashley Biden did make an appearance at the trial, to support her half-brother, last Monday.

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