Biden's low popularity could put Trump back in the White House

September 8, 2023

President Joe Biden's low polling numbers in a recent CNN survey showed that former President Donald Trump has a shot at defeating him in 2024.

The poll showed that former President Donald Trump polled ahead of Biden by 1% with a 2.6% margin of error in the poll.

CNN's concerns

If the president goes on to lose reelection to Trump – or any other Republican – the warning signs contained in the CNN poll, which mirrors his troubles in other recent surveys but goes far deeper on reasons for his malaise, will have foreshadowed the story of his downfall.

The survey, conducted by SSRS and released on Thursday, paints a picture of a pessimistic and divided nation that is far from experiencing the return to normality that had been promised in 2020 by Biden – a president the country finds neither inspiring nor worthy of confidence.

Different than 2020

"Donald Trump, 47%, Joe Biden, 46%...There was not a single poll conducted by CNN during the entire 2020 cycle in which Donald Trump got a higher share of the vote than Joe Biden did," CNN reported.

The report added, " this is a vastly different picture from what we saw four years ago."

Biden's low approval rating

"While 39 percent approve of Biden’s job performance as president, 61 percent disapprove, according to the poll released Thursday," the Hill reported.

"Approval for his handling of the job was above 50 percent at the start of his first year in office, but dropped as low as 38 percent in July of last year, according to the poll. It climbed again to 46 percent in December of last year but has been on a decline in the months since," it added.

Biden's approval rating is lower than any president in modern history except former President Jimmy Carter who lost his bid for a second term against Ronald Reagan.

The fact that other GOP candidates also beat Biden in the poll shows that the push for a Trump alternative also may not be necessary to defeat Biden.

Conservatives hope that Trump or another GOP candidate will have the same victory against Biden, making him a one-term president after the 2024 election.

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