Biden's spokesman can't answer questions about Sudan's 150,000 dead and looming famine

 June 24, 2024

The White House has been conspiciously quiet about one of the biggest genocide events in recent history.

Around 150,000 people have been killed in Sudan, and an additional nin million have been forced from their homes following a year of fighting and famine in the area, as The Daily Mail reported.

A conflict between competing generals for power has brought the African nation of Sudan back to the verge of genocide.

From The White House

When asked what the administration of President Joe Biden was doing to help alleviate a worsening humanitarian crisis, the White House was evasive.

John Kirby, who serves as the national security communications adviser for the White House, had nothing to say in response.

"I'm going to take your question on Darfur... and get back to you, rather than try to explain something that may just make me sound stupid," he told a reporter during a telephone briefing on Thursday.

"So I don’t want to do that. I want to do that right and take the question for you."

Out of The Norm

For Kirby, who has consistently impressed journalists with his ability to move gracefully from one world issue to another while distributing talking points at will, this was an uncommon failure.

However, it was revealing for those who were watching the situation in Sudan and were hoping that the government of Vice President Joe Biden would take action.

"It is the public expression of a private policy, that they're not prioritizing this crisis," said Nicole Widdersheim, deputy Washington director of Human Rights Watch and former director for African affairs at the White House National Security Council.

The advocate went on to say that she was surprised by the fact that his briefing notes did not include even any standard expression of concern and call for peace. She said: "You don't have a go-to talking point on the biggest humanitarian crisis facing Africa, Northern Africa, and frankly threatening Europe, in decades?"

Call to Action

A request was made by the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to the White House to take action in order to try to deter a recurrence of the genocide that occurred in the western region of Darfur twenty years ago.

"The evidence strongly suggests that genocide is occurring in Darfur. The fact that the president’s spokesperson cannot articulate that is indicative they are not paying nearly enough attention to Africa," said Rep. Michael McCaul.

"As the conflict escalates throughout Sudan, I once again call on the administration to present a clear strategy on how it will achieve a lasting ceasefire and set the country back on the path to civilian-led rule."

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