Bloomberg predicts Hunter Biden and Donald Trump will avoid jail time

 July 7, 2024

Many conservatives in America are praying that Hunter Biden gets what he deserves and is sent to jail after being convicted of multiple felonies for falsifying answers on his application to purchase a firearm.

Many liberals in America are hoping that Donald Trump will be going to jail after being convicted of 34 felony counts in New York by liberal Judge Juan Merchan.

According to, neither is likely to happen.

Barbara L. McQuade's recent column on Bloomberg made a few suggestions as to why neither Hunter Biden nor Donald Trump will be facing any jail time when they are sentenced.

First-time offenders

While it's safe to say that both Hunter Biden and Donald J. Trump have probably committed a few crimes during their ascent to the top of America's government, they've never actually been formally convicted before.

This is sure to carry a lot of weight, as people who have never been convicted in the past are generally not given as severe punishments as people who have proven time and time again they can't obey the law. The sentences handed out to Trump and Biden are probably going to be less than what they would be if the men were repeat offenders.

Non-violent crimes

Even though all of the convictions against these men are very serious, there's no debate that America's justice system is geared to be more lenient toward crimes that aren't technically classified as violent crimes.

Sure, both of these were INTENSE crimes, but neither are being regarded as "violent."

Hunter's certainly had the possibility to turn violent, as does any case involving firearms. Liberals are sure to argue that Donald Trump's crimes were at least tangentially related to violence. The J6 protests seem to get rolled into any accusations against Trump, as liberals try to claim that anything Trump ever did was meant to eventually overthrow Democracy.

Name value

It may not be fair, but both of these men are rich and powerful, or at least their families are.

There's no doubt that people with pockets like Hunter Biden and Donald Trump are way less likely to face severe punishment than some poverty-stricken person being represented by a public defender.

Republicans probably want to see Donald Trump safe and sound and walking free, and to have Hunter Biden be put behind bars for a long time.

It would be extremely surprising if things work out that way, however. After all, Hunter Biden's father is currently the president of the United States of America, so the entire country's attention will be focused on his upcoming sentencing.

Do you think that conservatives will get the outcomes that they want on these sentencing dates?

Only time will tell! In the meantime, leave us a comment in the discussion section below containing your prediction!

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