Bragg suffers series of minor defeats and setbacks following SCOTUS immunity ruling for Trump

 July 6, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg may have declared victory over former President Donald Trump with a conviction in his New York criminal case, but that win may prove to be shortlived.

Over just the past few days, Bragg has suffered a series of minor defeats and setbacks that threaten to transform his proud victory into a humiliating loss, beginning with a delay in sentencing for Trump's conviction, according to the Associated Press.

That delay stems directly from the Supreme Court's presidential immunity ruling that threatens to overturn Bragg's conviction of Trump, and was followed by an election interference lawsuit filed by Missouri against New York over the Trump prosecution and a devastating op-ed that shredded Bragg's reputation for other reasons that don't even involve the former president.

Sentencing delayed following SCOTUS immunity ruling

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that presidents enjoy presumptive immunity from prosecution for their "official acts" while in office and further specified that such non-prosecutable acts can't be used as evidence in support of prosecution for "unofficial" or private acts for which there is no immunity.

Immediately after that decision was released, former President Trump's attorneys started the process to file a motion to overturn the New York conviction that was based at least in part on evidence and testimony used by DA Bragg's prosecutors that dated to Trump's time in office and were arguably "official acts" for which he is immune.

Given that new development, presiding Judge Juan Merchan agreed to postpone the originally scheduled July 11 sentencing hearing until September 18, after he had rendered a decision on Trump's motion.

Missouri lawsuit accuses DA Bragg, Judge Merchan, and New York of election interference

Just days later, the New American reported that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit directly with the Supreme Court against the state of New York that included damning allegations against DA Bragg and Judge Merchan and accused the Empire State of interfering in the upcoming election with its prosecution of former President Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

Bailey's lawsuit specifically called out the highly partisan actions of Bragg and Merchan and highlighted the gag order on Trump and pending sentencing as an unconstitutional limitation on his political speech and ability to effectively campaign, as well as an unconstitutional interference in the election and the right of others to hear and vote for the leading Republican candidate.

"Missouri respectfully submits that the forgoing violations establish considerable harms to voters and electors in Missouri, who will be precluded from fully engaging with and hearing from a major-party Presidential candidate in the run up to the November election," Bailey wrote. "These harms are a direct consequence of New York’s calculated, unprecedented decision to prosecute Trump for alleged bookkeeping offenses just months before the Presidential election."

The Republican attorney general urged the Supreme Court to declare New York's current and pending restrictions on Trump unlawful and to impose an injunction blocking the gag order and sentencing until at least after the election is held in November.

Bragg denounced as an "ideological demagogue shilling a political agenda"

Finally, adding insult to injury, DA Bragg was raked over the coals by Republican New York State Sen. Jack Martins in a scathing op-ed for the Long Island Herald that didn't even mention the former president.

Martins proclaimed Bragg to be the "poster child" and veritable definition of an "ideological demagogue shilling a political agenda" -- again, with no mention of Bragg's overtly partisan prosecution of Trump.

Instead, the state senator took issue with Bragg's refusal to prosecute the leftist pro-Hamas and antisemitic protesters who took over college and university campuses for weeks earlier this year, as well as his "progressive" agenda in which he "routinely releases violent, repeat offenders" back onto the streets and undermines the law enforcement officers who risk their lives and safety to arrest them.

"I hope you join me in calling for Bragg’s removal from office," Martins concluded. "His job is to enforce the law with an even hand, not advance his own political ideology. New Yorkers deserve better. And all New Yorkers should call him out."

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