Clinton adviser shares deranged fantasy about Biden arresting Republicans, 'eliminating' Trump

 July 5, 2024

The left is having a hard time coping with Donald Trump's big Supreme Court victory on immunity.

Look no further than Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal, who criticized the court's ruling with a bitter work of satire - a fictional Joe Biden speech in which he reports having Donald Trump "eliminated."  

Blumenthal's article adds to a glut of hyperbolic commentary on the court's ruling, which many liberals seem to think granted presidents a new power to capriciously kill political rivals.

Clinton ally's deranged plea

Blumenthal offers a kind of revenge fantasy in which Trump has been ominously "removed."

"The reasons for his removal do not need to be explained. Under the court’s decision, as an official act, it is more than privileged. I hope you understand that I need not disclose the reasons. I must respect the Supreme Court," Blumenthal writes in Biden's voice.

In Blumenthal's scenario, Biden has Republicans swept up in mass arrests, and Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) dies in an imaginary struggle.

"Jim Jordan, unfortunately, attempted to resist arrest. After wrestling with an FBI agent, he met a tragic fate," Blumenthal writes.

The irony in Blumenthal's take

The Supreme Court's actual opinion was less dramatic. The court ruled that presidents are presumptively immune from prosecution for their official acts. and courts cannot second guess motives for official acts.

The court found that examining motive would open the door to intrusive scrutiny of "even the most obvious" official acts. The court noted that civil immunity for official acts already exists, so immunity must also apply to criminal cases where the threat of "intrusion" on a president's authority is greater.

Of course, the left is too absorbed in Hollywood fantasies to recognize the very real danger the court pointed out. The left doesn't see this danger for the obvious reason that they support the prosecution of Trump.

This is the irony in Blumenthal's take: he thinks he's being clever by saying the Supreme Court gave Biden permission to harass political opponents, but Biden is already doing that.

The Supreme Court's ruling was in response to a real-life version of the scenario that Blumenthal dreamed up. Jack Smith tried to prosecute Biden's arch political rival. He tried to do it by criminalizing Trump's core presidential authorities. It was too much for the Supreme Court, and they pushed back.

In any case, the idea that Biden is some responsible statesman who needs a reason to abuse his authority is laughable. On everything from student loans to immigration, Biden has given the country a good sense of his "modesty."

Beneath his clunky attempt at humor, Blumenthal is seething that Trump just got a big victory. He can pound sand.

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Thomas Jefferson
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