CNN chief medical correspondent says Biden should undergo testing after debate

 July 7, 2024

President Joe Biden's declining mental state was exposed earlier this month during his shocking debate with former President Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart, that led CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to suggest that the president needs an evaluation. 

Doctor noticed Biden's "halting speech"

"I actually watched the debate from overseas, and, it was interesting, I got so many texts and emails and phone calls from other neurospecialists, from the States and all over the world," Gupta told CNN host Paula Reid on Friday.

"A lot of people, Paula, had an opinion on this, and these were medical opinions, opinions, I want to be clear. Nobody is saying there's anything diagnostic or certain at all, but a lot of people paid attention to that debate," he explained.

"And while I think what they saw wasn't necessarily new, … I think the idea that it was so pronounced and so sustained over the 90 minutes, I think, was what really got people's attention," Gupta stressed.

"The halting speech, sometimes, the confused rambling, Paula, but also, other things as well, such as reduced volume of speech, that can be something that is important from a neurological perspective," the medical correspondent added.

Gupta suspects Biden could have a "deeper" problem

"And also, the loss of facial expression, sometimes associated with certain movement disorders, that can also have an impact on cognition. Again, nobody is saying that these things, in and of themselves, are diagnostic of anything," he added.

"But I think that the message, pretty unanimously, was, it would be recommended by everyone to get more testing to sort of figure out, are we looking at something that is episodic, these little episodes, or is it reflective of something that is deeper, a condition of some sort that could be diagnosed and potentially even treated?" he concluded.

Politico noted how Gupta's remarks came in the wake of an op-ed piece he wrote that called for Biden to undergo "detailed cognitive and movement disorder testing."

Gupta is not alone in expressing concern, as former Republican and anti-Trump activist Bill Kristol voiced similar sentiments last week when speaking with CNN host Boris Sanchez.

Yet as Axios pointed out, Biden was adamant during a recent interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos that he does not need to undergo a formal examination.

Biden claims to be tested in "everything I do"

"I have a cognitive test every single day," the president declared. "Everything I do. Not only am I campaigning, I am running the world."

What's more, Biden went on to insist that only "the Lord Almighty" could convince him that he should end his reelection campaign.

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