CNN doctor asks Biden to take cognitive test amid reports that Parkinson's expert visited White House

 July 8, 2024

Many Americans have accused the mainstream media of covering up President Joe Biden's mental decline prior to his terrible performance at last month's debate with former President Donald Trump.

Yet even CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is now breaking ranks with the White House by calling for Biden to undergo cognitive testing. 

Gupta says test results should be publicly available

"For me as a brain specialist, it was concerning to watch President Joe Biden, and it quickly became clear that I was not alone in my reaction," Gupta wrote in an op-ed piece published by CNN this past Friday.

Gupta spoke of having "received more than a dozen calls, texts and emails from medical colleagues who, like me, specialize in the brain."

"It wasn't that what we noticed was necessarily new but that it was particularly pronounced, and right from the start of the debate," he noted.

The chief medical correspondent went on to list an array of symptoms, including "confused rambling; sudden loss of concentration in the middle of a sentence; halting speech and absence of facial animation, resulting at times in a flat, open-mouthed expression."

Gupta said he and his colleagues believe "that the president should be encouraged to undergo detailed cognitive and movement disorder testing, and those results should be made available to the public."

Parkinson's specialist visited White House eight times over the past year

Gupta's op-ed was followed by a CNN report on Monday which stated that visitor logs show a top Parkinson’s disease specialist has visited the White House multiple times.

Dr. Kevin Cannard serves as a neurologist at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and he met with White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor on January 17.

Cannard also met with a staffer on January 26 and March 28. In total, the specialist has made eight stops at the White House since last August, although logs do not specify the reason for his visits or who he saw.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre grew flustered when asked about Cannard's visits during a briefing on Monday.

Jean Pierre says Biden has only seen a neurologist for his annual physical

"We respect and [protect] people's privacy, so I do not want to share, uh I'm not going to share people's names from here, but the president, I can tell you, has seen a neurologist three times as it's connected to...the physical that he gets every year that we provide to all of you," she stated.

Jean Pierre later reiterated her claim, insisting, "Every year, around the president's physical examination, he sees a neurologist--that's three times."

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