Columnist says Biden will not drop Harris as running mate despite bad poll numbers

February 6, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris has long suffered from lackluster popularity, with a survey aggregate compiled by FiveThirtyEight showing that just 38.4% of Americans approve of how she has handled her job.

Yet despite Harris' bad polling numbers, one writer recently said President Joe Biden has no plans to replace her in 2024. 

"Scattered calls for the vice president’s replacement"

Columnist Mark Z. Barabak put that argument forward this past weekend in an article published by the Los Angeles Times.

Barabak acknowledged that "there have been scattered calls for the vice president’s replacement" and pointed to "a column here, a blabbering talking head there" saying Biden would be smart "to cut her loose."

The pundit also noted how during a recent interview with Boston Public Radio, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren refused to say whether she thought Warren should remain on her party's ticket.

"I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team," Warren said cagily, adding, "I’ve known Kamala for a long time."

Writer says ditching Harris would cause "serious backlash"

"I like Kamala. I knew her back when she was an attorney general and I was still teaching and we worked on the housing crisis together, so we go way back," the left-wing lawmaker continued.

"But they need — they have to be a team, and my sense is they are — I don’t mean that by suggesting I think there are any problems. I think they are," Warren was quick to add.

Nevertheless, Barabak insisted that "the political cost of replacing Harris" far exceeds any potential gain as it would mean "effectively firing the first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president."

This, the writer predicted, "would risk a serious backlash from the Democratic base — especially Black women, who were crucial to Biden’s election." Barabak isn't the only one who believes this, as left-wing activist Aimee Allison also shares a similar perspective.

Poll finds that most voters don't want Harris as Biden's running mate

Allison serves as spokeswoman for Higher Heights for America, an organization that promotes the involvement of black women in politics, and she was quoted as saying that Harris' removal "would definitely ricochet through Black America."

Allison insisted that Harris "was on the ticket for a reason" in 2020 and asserted that "the same dynamic" will exist next year.

However, the Washington Post published a piece last week in which a number of anonymous Democratic insiders expressed skepticism about whether Harris should remain on her party's ticket.

What's more, a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen found that just 39% of likely voters want to see Harris continue as Biden's running mate.

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