Comer demands archives provide records showing communication between office of VP and Hunter Biden business associates

September 7, 2023

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) demanded in a letter on Wednesday that the National Archives provide the committee a number of records showing communication between the Office of the Vice President under Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's business associates. 

“Joe Biden never built an ‘absolute wall’ between his family’s business dealings and his official government work – his office doors were wide open to Hunter Biden’s associates,” Comer said in a statement.

One communication was between Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s former communications director, and Hunter Biden’s top financial lieutenant Eric Schwerin via email in 2015. The email said that Joe Biden approved a statement regarding Hunter Biden’s board position at Bursima Holdings.

“VP signed off on this — will give this quote to reporters in my name shortly,” she said in an email unearthed by America's First Legal.

Collusion about Burisma

What did Biden sign off on? Here is the statement:

Hunter Biden is a private citizen and a lawyer. The Vice President does not endorse any particular company and has no involvement with this company. The Vice President has pushed aggressively for years — both publicly with groups like the US-Ukraine Business Forum and privately in meetings in with [sic] Ukrainian leaders — for Ukraine to make every effort to investigate and prosecute corruption in accordance with the rule of law. It will once again be a key focus during his trip this week.

Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma and paid $1 million a year to be on the board even though he had no energy sector experience, and the hiring took place weeks after Joe Biden was made the point person for U.S. Ukraine policy.

During that time, Joe Biden got the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption at Burisma fired. He later bragged about threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless Viktor Shokin was fired.

That seems like obvious extortion, and having emails to show what kinds of communications there were could go a long way toward proving it.

Search for records

Comer also wants to see records involving Devon Archer, Hunter Biden's business partner who also sat on Burisma's board.

Archer testified before Congress that Burisma would have gone out of business without "the Biden brand" there to protect them.

Letter's demands

The letter to NARA demanded it provide:

  • Unredacted versions of all documents from Records on Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their foreign dealings
  • Documents to or from the Executive Office of the President regarding Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, Vuk Jeremic, Rob Walker, or Jeffrey Cooper
  • Documents to or from Kate Bedingfield, Michael Carpenter, Kathy Chung, Amos Hochstein, Colin Kahl, and Alexander Mackler regarding Hunter Biden or James Biden
  • Executive calendars created for then-Vice President Joe Biden dating from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017

These documents will give them the solid proof they need to corroborate the emails and make their case against Hunter and Joe Biden better.

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