Democrat strategist gives Biden some really bad news

 June 22, 2024

A Democratic strategist just confirmed that the problem with President Joe Biden's reelection campaign is Joe Biden. 

The strategist is Neil Oxman. He recently spoke with Politico about Biden's reelection chances.

"Democrats are enthusiastic about trying to win the Senate and trying to win the House," Oxman said.

But, he added, they're "not enthusiastic about Biden’s reelection. Period."

Here's what Oxman is seeing:

Polls show that Biden is struggling to stay even with former President Donald Trump, while other Democrats in other elections are doing just fine.

Here's how Politico put it:

Democrats keep doing surprisingly well in special elections. The party’s most vulnerable Senate incumbents are running ahead of their rivals in key battleground states. One of Democrats’ signature issues — reproductive rights — has repeatedly proved a winning message.
And yet Joe Biden is struggling to pull even with Donald Trump.

Indeed, the latest results from Real Clear Politics' poll aggregator have Trump leading Biden by 0.9 percentage points.

Individual polls, for the most part, have Trump and Biden neck and neck with one exception: a Rasmussen Reports poll that has Trump up on Biden by 9 percentage points.

The biggest question in all of this, of course, is why Biden is struggling so much. Chances are that, if you are on this website, you already know the answer.

The "why?"

Politico, in its report, refuses to put its finger directly on the problem.

It writes:

But polls show Biden diverging from other Democrats to a dramatic degree. The president is not only unpopular — he is more so than both Trump and Obama were at the same point in the fourth year of their presidencies, according to Gallup. He has lost some support among key building blocks of his 2020 coalition, including Black voters and young people. And Republicans hold the advantage on two of the top issues of this election: the economy and immigration.

The outlet, however, refuses to suggest that the reason why Biden is doing so poorly is because Americans don't agree with what his administration has done. Poll after poll has demonstrated this.

Instead, Politico cites some individuals as claiming that Biden is not doing better in the polls because he and his administration have failed "to articulate his administration’s successes."

Could it be that they have struggled to do so because those successes are not real successes? The American people will be the judge of that this November.

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