Democrats attempting to keep RFK Jr. off ballot in multiple states as Biden struggles

 June 28, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has run one of the most successful independent political campaigns in decades, with several recent polls putting his support level in the double digits.

That fact has Democrats nervous, and they responded by attempting to remove Kennedy from the ballot in multiple states. 

Nevada, North Carolina, and other states targeted

According to CNN, that effort is being undertaken by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) along with a super PAC backing President Joe Biden called Clear Choice.

CNN noted how in addition to targeting hotly contested battleground states like Nevada and North Carolina, removal efforts are also underway "in traditionally Democratic strongholds."

"These challenges are important because they’re part of a twofold strategy. One is educating voters about Robert F. Kennedy Jr," DNC spokesperson Matt Corridoni was quoted as saying. "And the second part is making sure that everyone’s playing by the rules."

DNC official Ramsey Reid sounded a similar note, saying, "It's a basic review of the filings to make sure that they’re following the rules, the rules that everyone else has to play by."

Kennedy says objections to his candidacy "are frivolous"

"It's very simple, nitty gritty, election law work to look at the dates, look at the details, look at the actual signatures and make sure that they meet the requirements that state laws set out," he added.

"Anywhere he’s not following the rules, we’re going to be in a position to hold him accountable to it," Reid went on to stress.

For his part, Kennedy told CNN, "The objections are frivolous, and every case that we brought to court we’ve won easily and will continue to."

Lawsuit cites Kennedy unsuccessful Democratic primary run

The DNC and Clear Choice aren't the only ones trying to thwart Kennedy's campaign, as the New Jersey Globe reported that Democratic election lawyer Scott Salmon is as well.

"Courts in New Jersey have repeatedly upheld the Sore Loser Law in recent years to preclude individuals from running as independents even when they did not appear on the primary ballot itself," Salmon stated in a lawsuit filed earlier this week.

Salmon pointed to Kennedy's earlier unsuccessful run for the Democratic Party's nomination, which garnered "hundreds, if not thousands, of write-in votes."

"Because most counties do not report write-in results for offices of this type, it is unknown exactly how many votes he received," the lawyer stressed.

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