Democrats continue to push for Biden's removal

 July 8, 2024

A significant contingent of Democrats continues to push for President Joe Biden to be replaced on the party's 2024 ballot. 

This, according to CNBC, is despite the efforts that Biden and his administration have made to assure Americans that he is up to the task of running the country.

These efforts came following the first presidential debate, where - to put it mildly - Biden put on a poor performance.

The performance, in fact, was so poor that it now appears that there is a sizable contingent of Democrats who are simply not going to support Biden for reelection no matter what Biden and the White House say or do.

The interview was a bust

Biden's biggest post-debate event took place on Friday. It was an interview on ABC with the Clinton-linked Democratic operative George Stephanopolous.

The point of the interview was obvious to everyone: it was to make Biden look good in order to help him recover from his poor debate performance.

This, however, is not what happened.

Here is how The Atlantic's Tyler Austin summarized the interview:

So in summary: Biden refused to say he’d take a cognitive test, refused to say he would consider stepping down if key allies asked him to, said the polls are fake news, and that he wouldn’t fret if he lost as long as he tried his best. This is all Trumpian bull****. Just madness.

Many other members of the left said a similar thing.

What now?

It appears that the push by Democrats to have Biden removed from the 2024 ballot is going to continue.

"President Joe Biden did not assuage Democratic anxieties about his 2024 reelection bid against former President Donald Trump during a highly-anticipated ABC News interview on Friday night, his first televised interview since his fumbling debate performance in June," CNBC reports.

Here's how CNN put it:

While his interview performance was far stronger than the president’s often incoherent showing at the CNN debate in Atlanta, that’s not saying much. It did not contain any new disasters that would push him immediately out of the race. But it equally did little to quell the storm assailing his campaign and raised fresh intrigue about his health amid increasing signs his Democratic power base is beginning to crack.

It is not just the mainstream media that feels this way either. According to CNBC, there are Democratic lawmakers, donors, and even strategists who feel the same.

It is hard to imagine Biden, at this point, making it to election day. The only thing that might save him is the Democrats' lack of alternatives.

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