Doctors explain Biden's unusual 'freezing' episodes after 81-year-old had second statue moment in a week

 June 18, 2024

President Joe Biden's age has become a significant concern as the upcoming election approaches. The 81-year-old individual's recent series of public gaffes is causing growing concerns.

Questions have been raised by both experts and voters regarding a series of unusual 'freezing' incidents that Biden has experienced in the past week, as was brought out in a report by The Daily Mail.

The Incidents

At a recent fundraiser in Los Angeles, the president's face and body seemed to freeze on stage, causing quite a stir The idea of the president of the United States coming to a mental halt caused much concern among the nation.

Following his speech, President Biden came to a physical halt, his gaze fixed on the crowd for a few moments However, experts are now speculating that his freezing could indicate a potentially serious condition.

A doctor based in Los Angeles has stated that individuals displaying frozen, masked faces, diminished arm swing, and less frequent blinking may be experiencing symptoms of a central neurological disorder, such as Parkinson's.

White House Response

A representative from the White House has denied the reports of a frozen reaction to journalists, calling them 'fakes' and 'lies.' According to the representative, the reaction was merely a brief pause to acknowledge and appreciate the applauding crowd.

In a surprising turn of events, the incident occurred just days after the President of the United States appeared to experience a momentary pause during a Juneteenth White House celebration. The event featured a concert with renowned gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

The president and current commander-in-chief of the United States military were observed gazing ahead with a vacant expression while Vice President Kamala Harris engaged in a dance routine beside them. During his address at the event, there were noticeable indications of speech impairment.

Video of the Freezeup

In a recent video, the president was seen at the G7 summit in Italy, where he appeared to wander off from other world leaders. As a skydiving demonstration took place, he watched and gave a thumbs up in the opposite direction.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni then guided Biden back to the group, ensuring he was back with the rest of the attendees.

In a statement, the president's team dismissed the video, claiming that it failed to capture the presence of additional skydiving demonstrators in a different direction and that this is the aspect that caught Biden's attention.

The White House has consistently dismissed criticism and asserted that Biden is in excellent condition, both physically and mentally, and is fully capable of serving another term until 2028, when he would be 86 years old.

Medical Examination

In February, the results of his annual physical were made public, indicating that there were no new concerns regarding his health.

In a recent report, various medical conditions of the president were outlined. These include sleep apnea, acid reflux, an irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, seasonal allergies, arthritis, and nerve damage in the feet.

The report provided a detailed list of the medications he is currently taking to address his medical conditions. Among them is a blood thinner, which has the potential side effect of causing confusion.


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