FBI swarms the Pennsylvania Capitol after bomb threats

 July 8, 2024

Palestinian protesters have again caused disruption in governmental proceedings, causing a loss of time, money, and the safety of elected officials and others, as the push for the freedom of those occupying area previously belonging to Israel, continues.

The Pennsylvania Capitol was evacuated Saturday as a result of an email that threatened to launch a terrorist attack "in the name of Palestine" on the building, according to The Express.

At a little before six o'clock on Saturday evening, the bomb threat was delivered to each and every member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate.

Someone claimed to be "inside one of the two buildings armed w/ a knife, and plan on remaining here to my dying breath! [sic]" in the message, which had the subject line "My manifesto."

More From the Email

"In the name of Palestine, I have hidden highly lethal lead azide devices in and around the Pennsylvania State Capitol as well as the Pennsylvania Judicial Complex.

"I plan on triggering one device every few hours until Joe Biden goes on national television and publicly denounces the illegitimate state of Israel."

All areas of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex were, at the time, evacuated, and searches were conducted all over the state buildings.

Despite the fact that additional inspections are still being conducted, the initial K-9 search of the building's perimeter did not uncover any explosives.

Official Statements

"On Saturday, Pennsylvania Capitol Police evacuated the Pennsylvania Capitol Complex and Judicial Center after a bomb threat was emailed to all members of the House of Representatives and the Senate," Eric Veronikis, communications director of the PA Department of General Services, said in a statement.

"The Capitol Police immediately worked with House and Senate security, as well as the Office of the PA Courts, to issue an immediate evacuation notice to those in the building.

"Capitol Police did not find any explosives during a K-9 search of the perimeter of the Capitol Complex.

"Capitol Police and the FBI are still actively conducting a comprehensive search and investigation in coordination with the Pennsylvania State Police, House and Senate security, and the Dauphin County Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety of the area."

The Cause

Progressives have been demonstrating for the people inhabiting the Gaza Strip for months, following the attack of Hamas, who runs the area, on their neighbors in Israel.

In addition to demonstrations on college campuses and other locations, the advocates for Hamas and the occupation of the Gaza Strip by Palestinians have engaged in several anti-Semitic demonstrations, asserting that Israel is oppressive to their attackers and has caused the conflict that started last year.

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