Florida blocks immigrant parole getaway law in snub to Biden administration

June 6, 2023

A panel in Georgia has rejected a request to release migrants into the state, supporting a Florida law to push back on the Biden administration's lax border policies.

Florida's Attorney General Ashely Moody noted the win to keep migrants from competing against American citizens for jobs, housing and schools.

The importance

"But the rejection is also a step closer to blocking the bigger asylum loophole — and other loopholes — that Mayorkas is creating as he tries to resettle millions of migrants into U.S. cities and towns, said Arthur," Breitbart News reported.

"Florida has also expanded its lawsuit by asking the judge to block other releases via parole — which likely would block the release of migrants who are trying to use the asylum loophole," it added.

The impact

"Rep. Berny Jacques, R-Seminole, and Rep. Kiyan Michael, R-Jacksonville, carried the legislation in the House. Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, sponsored the legislation in the Senate," Florida Voice News reported.

“Our Southern Border has been dealing with a manmade crisis under the ineptness of President Biden, allowing more than 6.3 million illegal immigrants to flood our border,” Ingoglia said during debate.

"The law includes $12 million from the general fund for an illegal immigration program that DeSantis used to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last year," it continued.

Some outlets have even expressed concern that the Florida law could cause a migrant exodus.

"Florida’s new immigration law makes it a crime to transport undocumented migrants into Florida. It requires employers to verify workers’ immigration status. And it orders hospitals to collect that information, too," WLRN stated.

"As a result, immigration advocates say many migrant worker families here in South Florida are getting ready to leave the state — even those with legal status," it added.

The new move is a bold one, and a pattern conservatives hope many other states will follow in the days ahead.


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