Florida rap star Julio Foolio shot to death on Sunday in ambush attack

 June 24, 2024

Hip-hop fans were saddened this past weekend to learn that rapper Julio Foolio lost his life in a fatal ambush. 

According to the New York Post, Foolio, who was born Charles Jones, was gunned down early on Sunday morning in a shooting that left three others injured.

Rapper killed at a Holiday Inn following party

The paper cited a statement from attorney Lewis Fusco which explained that his client was staying at a Tampa Holiday Inn after being expelled from an Airbnb where Foolio was hosting a party.

Foolio had earlier made a post to Instagram which explained that the party was being held in honor of his 26th birthday.

"Mr. Jones had been in Tampa to celebrate his birthday over the weekend," Fusco's statement was quoted as saying. "Law enforcement reports indicate that he initially stayed at an Airbnb but was asked to leave due to exceeding occupancy limits."

"He subsequently relocated to the Holiday Inn, where he was involved in an incident in the hotel parking lot and reportedly ambushed," Fusco went on to add.

Fusco concluded by saying, "While these events involving our client, Mr. Charles Jones, have been disclosed by law enforcement, we are unable to provide further comments at this time until additional details become public record."

Killing may have been tied to gang rivalries

The Tampa Police Department indicated that its officers are reviewing security footage of the shooting as part of an ongoing investigation. No arrests have yet been made.

First Coast News noted that Foolio was alleged to be a member of the Jacksonville, Florida-based gang KTA, which has long been involved in a feud with the ATK gang.

The station recalled how Foolio's cousin, Zion Brown, was fatally shot at a Florida restaurant in 2018 as he and others attended a birthday party.

Brown's death is believed to have resulted in the retaliatory shooting of rapper Yungeen Ace, real name Kenyatta Bullard.

Foolia was previously wounded in a 2021 shooting

While Ace survived the attack despite being shot eight times, three other individuals, including the musician's 18-year-old brother lost their lives.

Foolio's killing was not the first time that the rap star had been directly targeted, as First Coast News pointed out that he had several prior close brushes with death.

They included an incident in November of 2021 that saw Foolio get grazed by a bullet at a recording studio in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.

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