Former Arizona Cardinals coach Vince Tobin passes away at 79

 July 4, 2023

Football fans were left in mourning this week following the death of college star turned NFL coach Vince Tobin. 

According to the Arizona Republic, Tobin passed away on Monday at the age of 79. Tobin coached the Arizona Cardinals during the late 1990s and team owner Michal Bidwill lamented his death.

Tobin praised for being "a big part" of the Cardinals' success

"Our deepest condolences go out to everyone who knew and loved Vince Tobin, and in particular his wife Kathy and their family," the Republic quoted Bidwill as saying in a statement.

"As head coach of the Cardinals, his steady leadership was a constant and a big part of the success the team enjoyed during his tenure," the team owner recalled.

"His football legacy with us is highlighted by the thrilling 1998 season, return to the postseason, and upset playoff win at Dallas," Bidwill continued.

"He will also be remembered for his instrumental role in key decisions like drafting Jake Plummer and Pat Tillman," Bidwill stressed.

"More than that, he was a consummate family man and always a class act who positively impacted everyone he encountered," the Cardinals' owner concluded.

Former player credits Tobin with "helping make my NFL dream come true"

Tributes to Tobin quickly appeared on social media, including from sportscaster Vic Lombardi, who described his as "one of the nicest men I've ever come across in pro sports."

Former professional football player Thomas Q. Jones spoke up as well and credited Lombardi with "helping make my NFL dream come true."

Tobin hailed as "a wonderful coach"

Meanwhile, YouTuber Brett Kollmann called Tobin "a wonderful coach" and credited him with leading "the record-shattering '86 Bears squad."

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