Former Clinton pollster says replacing Biden would be 'suicide' for Democrats

 July 9, 2024

The Democratic Party has grown chaotic since President Joe Biden's disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump, with some even suggesting that Hillary Clinton should replace him as nominee.

Yet former Clinton pollster Mark Penn recently said that efforts at removing Biden would amount to "suicide."

President "isn't going anywhere"

According to the Daily Caller, Penn made that argument to Fox News' "America Reports" co-host Sandra Smith on Monday.

"I keep telling people this, just listen to what he is saying: He's running, he's got the nomination, he won the primary, he's got the delegates and that’s the end of it," Penn said of Biden.

"The party is going to get in line or commit suicide trying to undo his nomination, because he isn't going anywhere and nobody is going to be taking the 25th Amendment and no one is taking him out of office," the pollster insisted.

"Free-for-all" convention "would be the biggest nightmare"

"None of those things are happening. And so he's the nominee and I think they are making that clear and I don’t think anyone in the party has any power to change that," Penn stressed.

"I’m an observer. Do I think that the Democratic Party would do better switching horses in midstream and seeming chaotic? I'm not sure that's a very safe bet," the pollster continued.

"They have their nominee, they've had their process. I think if you were the nominee, the only person who could or should be the nominee would be the vice president because that is the constitutional order of things and the party should, I think live up to that," Penn pointed out.

He concluded by saying, "I think having a free-for-all at the convention with convention delegates, oh my God, that would be the biggest nightmare that any party could imagine."

Poll shows Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris losing to Trump

MSNBC noted this week that relatively few Senate Democrats have publicly affirmed the idea of Biden remaining on their party's ticket.

However, it is far from clear who the president could be replaced by, with some polling data suggesting possible alternatives would fare even worse against Trump.

A survey conducted by Emerson College among registered voters between July 7 and July 8 showed Harris losing to Trump by six points.

The same poll found Trump would beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by seven points. Meanwhile Trump only led Biden by three points.

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