Former Democratic governor agrees that Trump's trial seemed "rigged"

 June 3, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has railed against his recent conviction for falsifying business records, slamming the trial as being "rigged."

Trump is far from being alone in making that claim, with even one prominent Democrat saying the former president is right. 

Former governor points to involvement of DOJ lawyer

According to the New York Post, former New York Democratic Gov. David Paterson came to Trump's defense during a Sunday appearance on 77 WABC radio's "The Cats Roundtable."

"There are a lot … of erroneous qualities to that trial," the Post quoted Paterson as stating. "Some of the people who are involved: A person who worked at the White House somehow wound up in the Manhattan DA’s Office."

"All of it, when it adds up, really looks very much like what the former president describes it as," Paterson told host John Catsimatidis. He was referring to the fact that former Biden Justice Department attorney Matthew Colangelo joined the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in 2022 and worked on Trump's case.

What's more, Fox News reported last month that the Democratic National Committee paid Colangelo thousands in consulting fees in 2018.

"I think President Biden should be real careful"

The Post noted that although a president is precluded from pardoning state offenses, Paterson suggested that Biden would ultimately benefit from issuing a pardon for the federal crimes Trump has been accused of.

"Sometimes when you’re a leader and you’re willing to put yourself at the center of acrimony and controversy, both sides may come down on you," he remarked.

"But years later, upon reflection, I'm sure they’ll respect you," he added, recalling former President Gerald Ford's decision to pardon his predecessor for crimes linked with the Watergate scandal.

Paterson then offered words of caution for the current president, stating, "There was a press release [after former President Trump’s conviction] from the White House: 'No one is above the law.'"

"I think President Biden should be real careful. There are investigations on him and his son right now. That dog could come back to bite him," he added.

Ex-Republican governor suggests Democrats "have opened a can of worms"

The Post noted that Paterson was not alone in suggesting that Trump's trial has potentially worrisome implications for Biden, as fellow former New York Gov. George Pataki offered a similar perspective.

"When Biden is out of office, what is to prevent the district attorney of some rural county in Texas prosecuting him for millions of dollars for damage done by illegal aliens because he didn’t uphold his oath of office on the border?" Pataki asked.

The former three-term Republican governor went on to caution that Democrats "have opened a can of worms here that can go anywhere."

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