Former Trump adviser says Alvin Bragg could face jail time

 June 6, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was celebrated by Democrats late last month when he managed to secure a conviction against former President Donald Trump on 34 charges of falsifying business records.

However, recent comments by a former Trump adviser suggests that it is Bragg who could find himself being charged next.  

Steve Bannon predicts that Bragg "will be jailed" if Trump is elected

According to Axios, Steve Bannon made the prediction this week, stating, "Of course [Bragg] should be — and will be — jailed."

The former Trump White House adviser argued that Bragg could be prosecuted for violating Trump's 14th Amendment right to equal protection and Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

Bannon went on to say that in addition to Bragg, he hopes there will also be investigations targeting "[Democrats'] media allies."

Meanwhile, the website spoke with another unnamed Trump insider who maintained that Bragg could be indicted under federal law for "Conspiracy Against Rights."

Trump says he "may feel differently" now about prosecuting Hillary Clinton

Axios noted that Trump contrasted his own treatment with how he ultimately chose not to pursue former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I could have done it. But I felt it would have been a terrible thing. And then this happened to me. And, so I may feel differently about it," the former president stated.

Going after Bragg and other opponents will require Trump to appoint a like-minded attorney general, something he also covered when speaking with "Fox & Friends Weekend."

"If you get the right person, it's like magic," the former president remarked before comparing his future cabinet appointments to real estate development.

"You know, you put a good super in a building, the building runs well. You put a bad one in, it doesn't. It's the same thing [on] a little bit — slightly larger scale," Trump explained.

Trump points to "all the criminality" involving members of the Biden family

Trump again addressed the topic of political retribution when speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening.

The former president told Hannity that his critics are "wrong" in suggesting he will weaponize the legal system against his political adversaries.

However, Trump went on to insist he "would have every right to go after them" before remarking that it would be "easy" to do so given "all the criminality" surrounding President Joe Biden and other members of his family.

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