George W. Bush's daughter says he wished to do "an interpretive reading" of his mother's angry letter

August 26, 2023

According to one of his daughters, former President George W. Bush once said that he wanted to do "an interpretive reading" of an angry letter from his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush. 

As the Decider reported, that claim was made by Jenna Bush Hager during Friday's episode of "Today With Hoda & Jenna."

Barbara Bush was angered by her granddaughter's behavior while playing tennis

"My dad actually texted me because my grandmother once wrote us both a very mad letter," Bush Hager told co-host Hoda Kotb.

"She was mad at my behavior because I was playing tennis and I was acting like I do and my dad thought it was hilarious, so he was cheering me on," the former first daughter recalled.

Bush Hager said that she no longer had the letter as her father had told her to discard it, saying, "Of course, years ago when I opened it, it hurt my feelings, I got in trouble. We all know that feeling of getting in trouble."

Yet the television host explain that on one occasion her father was "reliving" it with his sister, Dorothy Bush, to great comedic effect.

Family left "laughing so hysterically we couldn’t speak"

"We were laughing so hysterically we couldn’t speak," the former president was quoted as telling his daughter. "I wish you had it so I could do an interpretive reading."

Kotb appreciated her fellow host's story and agreed that it was an example of the need to save important memories for future reference.

"Even the things that kind of hurt in the moment, if you can really cherish them, it teaches you something," Bush Hager remarked before adding, "But also, sometimes the things that hurt will be the things that you laugh at later."

This is not the first time Bush Hager has discussed her family on air, as Hello! magazine reported that during an episode from November of 2022 she discussed her mother, former First Lady Laura Bush.

Bush Hager says her mother "would try to be kind of cool"

Hager Bush noted that she and twin sister Barbara Pierce Bush regarded the former first lady as their "steady rock," saying, "She was the most calm, we couldn't even understand it, we could not rattle her."

However, Hager Bush did acknowledge that she and her sister occasionally had awkward moments with their mother as teenagers.

"There were times when she would try to be kind of cool, she's going to disagree, but there were times we would go to Florida for the Rangers – the baseball spring training – and we'd be like walking around with her, and she'd be like 'Girls, look, there's some cute boys,'" Hagger Bush recalled.

"Look, Barbara and Jenna, they're cute!' Like we were supposed to go up and be like, 'Hi! Wanna hang?'" the former first daughter laughed.

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