Graham says Biden should ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ for presidential immunity for ‘reckless’ border policy

 June 24, 2024

With the tension-filled discussion about presidential immunity still dominating the news cycle, some are of the opinion that President Joe Biden should hope for it's implementation more than any former president.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) proposed that President Joe Biden be prosecuted for his management of the border crisis, as The Washington Examiner reported.

Graham was interviewed on Fox News Sunday regarding the potential for the Senate to enforce an ethics code on the Supreme Court and the Democrats' assaults on the court.

The Republican from South Carolina claimed that the Democrats are solely targeting the Supreme Court to obscure Biden's record and suggested that he could be prosecuted for his handling of the border.

Lawmaker's Remarks

Graham kicked off his comments without holding back: “When it comes to enforcing the law, Joe Biden has been beyond reckless,” he said.

“He’s taking a parole statute that’s limited in nature and has given a million people parole when, on average, Trump[‘s] … administration gave 5,600 people parole. Laken Riley’s murderer was paroled because they had a lack of capacity in El Paso.

"They let him out under the parole statute because they were full. There’s nothing in the statute that says you can go because you’re full, and he killed this lady.”

On Trump

Graham suggested that it would be better for Biden for the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of presidential immunity.

Graham turned the idea of immunity upside down, saying it was better for Biden for presidential immunity to be affirmed by the high court, due to what the senator asserts are numerous crimes carried out by Bidne.

“All of these women who’ve been raped and murdered have one thing in common — the people that killed them, raped them, and murdered them were in our custody and let go — I think, illegally so,” he continued.

“Joe Biden better hope and pray there’s presidential immunity because when he allowed the killer of Laken Riley to be released on parole because of lack of capacity, I think he’s subject not only to the lawsuit but criminal prosecution if there’s not presidential immunity.”

Biden Response:

As one might expect, this is not something that sits well with the White House, who seem to want their proverbial cake and to eat it too in the way of immunity for me, but not for thee. The 2024 presidential campaign for President Biden responded to reporters inquiry about the lawmaker's comments, acusing Republicans and the former president of attempting to sabagage the border legislation greenlit by Biden.

“Donald Trump blocked the toughest border security deal in decades for what he has admitted are political reasons,” a campaign spokeswoman said.

“By siding with fentanyl traffickers and smugglers over the Border Patrol union, he’s blocking us from hiring thousands of Border Patrol and ICE personnel and blocking us from having fentanyl detection machines at the border. This comes after violent crime skyrocketed under Donald Trump, and Joe Biden brought it to a 50-year low by investing in law enforcement.”

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