Haiti's new prime minister hospitalized just days after assuming role

 June 10, 2024

As unrest continues to roil the nation he has been tapped to lead, Haiti's new prime minister has suffered something of a setback,

Just days after taking the helm of the beleaguered Caribbean country, Garry Conille was hospitalized on Saturday in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, according to the New York Post.

Conille hospitalized

Though there was little immediate information provide about precisely what sent Conille to seek treatment, his office revealed that the prime minister had been feeling unwell “following a week of intense activities.”

Officials provided sparse details beyond that but did note that Conille was stable and was grateful for those who sent well wishes his way.

Unofficially, a source reportedly close to Conille revealed to the AP that he noticed that the prime minister appeared to be having difficulty breathing, a development in line with his known diagnosis of asthma.

Swift discharge

As CBS News later reported, Conille was released from the hospital on Sunday, and it was not long before he released a message to the people of Haiti updating them on his status.

In a video posted online, Conille assured the nation that he was felling weel and was prepared to resume his work helping bring the country out the violence, unrest, and poverty that has gripped the populace in recent months.

Conille also noted that issues surrounding healthcare will also be among his top priorities, stating, “The whole time I was at the hospital, I was thinking of something: People that need to go to the general hospital can't get there (due to widespread violence). People who need health care can't afford it.”

Offering words of optimism and encouragement as he embarks on the difficult tasks ahead, Conille added, “I hope that by early next week we can have a government in place. I am doing everything we can so we can get out of this crisis.”

Arduous path ahead

As NBC News has reported, it was in late May that Conille was named interim prime minister, roughly a month after a coalition within the government had actually selected another candidate for the job.

Conille assumes the role at an extremely difficult point in time for the country where gangs have been terrorizing the citizenry with gunfire and inflicting damage to police stations and prisons in the capital city.

Having served as UNICEF regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Conille brings experience gleaned from prior service as Haiti's prime minister from more than a decade ago.

However, he has an undeniably uphill battle ahead, with rampant gang violence complicating the path toward alleviating the crushing poverty and reported 29% inflation rate plaguing the country.

With Conille now out of the hospital and declaring his readiness to hit the ground running, the world will be watching and hoping that real progress toward stabilization can finally be achieved.

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