Haley holds testy exchange with ABC over claim Biden is likely to resign before term is up

 August 25, 2023

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley exchanged heated words with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos Thursday over saying that President Joe Biden wouldn't finish his term.

The argument came after the host challenged Haley over her claim Biden wouldn't finish a second term in office.

The response

"Do you think he’s going to finish his term? Do you think that he’s actually going to finish what he started? We look at the decline he’s had over the last few years. You have to be honest with the American people, George. There’s no way Joe Biden’s going to finish out a next term," Haley argued.

"We can’t have an 81-year-old president. We have to have a new generational leader. The Senate has become the most privileged nursing home in the country. We have got to start making sure we have a new generation," she added.

Blasting Trump too

"He's gonna spend more time in a courtroom than on the campaign trail. We cannot allow a president Kamala Harris. We have to win that general election, and you can't do that [when] literally 3/4 of the American people don't want to see Biden and Trump run again," Haley told Fox News about Trump.

"To the majority of Americans, he is the most disliked politician in all of America. That's a reality, and that person can't win a general election," she added.

The age issue

“I think Biden has basically got three issues where he’s not figured out what to say,” Politico's Jonathan Martin said.

“One is obviously the questions about Hunter Biden, his son. The other is what to say about the investigations into Donald Trump. And the third is about his age. Those are three massive issues that are sort of clouding his reelection campaign. And he’s not figured out what to say about [any of them]," he continued.

The concerns come as Biden is already the nation's oldest serving president at the age of 80. He would be 86 at the end of a second term.

Biden has also left behind a growing number of gaffes that show his cognitive condition may not be the best for leading the nation.

The age issue is one Haley addresses that connects with what many Americans see, offering one of many concerns about offering Biden a second term.

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