Hallie Biden testifies in Hunter Biden trial

 June 8, 2024

This past week, Hallie Biden testified in Hunter Biden's ongoing criminal trial. 

For those unfamiliar with Hallie Biden, she is the widow of Hunter Biden's deceased brother, Beau Biden. She is also the woman who had an affair with Hunter Biden after the death of Beau.

The New York Post thus refers to her as "Hunter Biden's sister-in-law-turned-lover."

She provided testimony in the trial on Thursday. Her testimony was on behalf of the prosecution, which has accused Hunter Biden of criminally misrepresenting the fact that he was a drug addict on a form that he filled out to obtain a firearm. This offense is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

A key witness for the prosecution

Hallie Biden's testimony was much anticipated for several reasons, including the fact that President Joe Biden was caught meeting with Hallie Biden just a few days before the trial began.

But, perhaps the main reason her testimony was so anticipated is because of her relationship to Hunter Biden and because of her involvement with the gun incident. She was the one who found this gun and who allegedly disposed of it.

You may ask why she is not also being prosecuted. The answer is that the government has granted her immunity to testify against Hunter Biden.

Hallie's testimony

During her testimony, Hallie Biden recalled the day when she found the gun. She told the court that she had not seen Hunter Biden for some time when he all of a sudden showed up looking in bad shape.

Hallie Biden went on to testify that she decided to clear up Hunter Biden's Ford Raptor truck, specifically "to clean out any drugs or alcohol in the car … in an effort to help him get or stay sober."

It was at this point that she found the gun, and this is when she says that she "panicked." She testified:

I panicked and I wanted to get rid of them. I didn’t want him to hurt himself or [for] my kids to find it and hurt themselves. I considered hiding it somewhere but I was afraid one of my children would find it. I was afraid to kind of touch it. I didn’t know if it was loaded.

Hallie Biden then proceeded to put the gun in a bag and then toss it into the garbage at a nearby grocery store.

She said, "I was so flustered from the whole thing. I realize it was a stupid idea now, but I was just panicking."

It's all on camera

Hallie Biden was caught on camera disposing of the firearm, and this footage was played for the jury on Thursday. Afterward, she and Hunter got into a dispute over her disposing of the gun, and he ordered her to try to find it, which she was unable to do.

According to legal experts, overall, Hallie Biden's testimony was favorable for the prosecution. But, it has to be remembered that this case is taking place in Delaware, the Biden family's home territory.

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