Highly controversial Biden official attempts to walk back previous social media posts

 June 24, 2024

Tyler Cherry - President Joe Biden's new associate communications director - is trying to head off a backlash to his hiring by walking back controversial social media posts that he has made in the past. 

Cherry, according to Fox News, did so on Sunday.

As we will see, Cherry is now trying to claim that his previous posts do not reflect his current views.

Many, however, are not buying it.


In case you missed it, Biden recently promoted Cherry to the White House associate communications director position, replacing Maria Michalos.

Politico reported:

After more than three years at Interior working for Secretary Deb Haaland, Cherry started last week as an associate communications director at the White House . . . Cherry takes over as the top White House climate communications aide . . .

After this news broke, some of Cherry's old social media posts began circulating on the internet.

In these posts, Cherry took numerous far-left positions. He attacked police, promoted "Russiagate," and supported the anti-Israel movement, among other things.

In one post, for example, the New York Post reports that Cherry referred to police officers as "slave patrols." He wrote, in June 2015, "Apt time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs."

Cherry claims that's all behind him

In a social media post on Sunday, June 23, 2024, Cherry attempted to claim that the messages that he has posted to his social media accounts in the past do not reflect his current views.

He wrote:

Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period. I support this Administration's agenda - and will continue my communications work focused on our climate and environmental policies.

Not everyone, however, is buying what Cheery is selling. Cheery, in fact, received such a massive backlash to the post that he decided to limit who can reply to his post only to those whom he is either following or those whom he has mentioned. Apparently, he is no advocate of free speech.

The Biden administration, for its part, has been mostly silent about all of this. But, White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates has said that the White House is "very proud to have Tyler on the team."

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