Hollywood Star Arrested Over January 6

 June 8, 2023

Jay Johnston is currently most famous for his achievements as an actor and comedian in Hollywood.

Among the projects you might know him from are "Bob's Burgers" and "Arrested Development."

The voice of Jimmy Pesto on Bob's Burgers is soon going to be more famous for being arrested and charged by Joe Biden's Justice Department because of his connections with the big riot on January 6, 2021.

Johnston joins the growing list of over 1,000 people who have been arrested by Joe Biden's Department of Justice since the incident took place over two years ago.

Jay Johnston, who also appeared on Mr. Show, "was arrested in California and faces charges of felony obstruction of officers during civil disorder as well as several misdemeanor offenses," according to Breitbart.com.

Johnston was identified after America's Federal Bureau of Investigation tweeted a picture of his photo amongst a crowd of rioters at the Capitol and requested that users provide information on his identity.

Court documents show at least one image of an individual the Department of Justice is claiming to be Johnston that was captured by security cameras on January 6.

Way back in 2021, Johnston was removed from his role as Jimmy Pesto on Bob's Burgers because it was alleged that he had attended the January 6 riot. At the time, it still wasn't clear if Jay had been there or not, because he had not formally been charged with doing anything wrong.

Once the FBI tweeted out a photo of Jay Johnston, it didn't take long to find him.

After all, somebody with a list of acting credits in Hollywood usually prides themselves on how recognizable they are.

I bet it isn't too often that a law enforcement agency has no idea who a person is and then that person turns out to be a pretty recognizable celebrity.

This surely must have been easier than the usual needle in a haystack scenario that arises when trying to locate one random person in a country of 350,000,000.

A normal person would have had a relatively good shot at staying blended in indefinitely.

Jay Johnston's celebrity status did not allow him that luxury.

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