Holocaust jokes surface in fight among Democrats over Israel

October 29, 2023

The Democratic Party is facing sharp divisions following a brutal terror attack earlier this month that left over 1,400 Israelis dead.

A recent example of that split came after an advisor to Los Angeles City Democratic Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez resigned after making a series of Holocaust jokes.

Comedian denounces media outlets for putting "terrorist lies on their homepages"

According to Breitbart, Josh Androsky directed the jokes towards Amy Schumer, a left-wing Jewish comedian who is also the niece of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The comments came in response to Schumer public denunciation of Hamas, the Iranian backed terror group responsible for this month's massacre.

What's more, Breitbart noted that Schumer also called on CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, Sky News, to fire "editors who put terrorist lies on their homepages."

Jokes link concentration camp names to Schumer's weight

Meanwhile, an anonymous user of the social media platform previously known as Twitter declared that Schumer was only upset "due to her experience in the Holocaust."

He added that the Nazi regime named a concentration camp after her, calling it "Da Cow." This was a reference to the concentration camp Dachau as well as the fact that Schumer has long struggled with her weight.

This prompted Androsky to enter the fray, joking that the fictional concentration camp was actually "Cowschwitz," a play on death camp Auschwitz. He later added, "Either way, they all (and Amy) smelled the same."

Democratic mayor and council member condemn "disgusting" remarks

Androsky's comments were met with immediate condemnation from Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Mayor Karen Bass.

"The anti-Semitic and misogynistic comments made today were reprehensible, disgusting, and dangerous and in no way represent the city family," Bass was quoted as saying in a statement.

The Democratic advisor's employer issued a statement of his own, declaring, "With antisemitism on the rise in recent years, and especially in recent weeks, cracking jokes about the Holocaust isn’t just disgusting, it’s dangerous."

"These antisemitic and misogynistic posts sickened me, and I have accepted his resignation effective immediately," he added.

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