Hunter Biden files then immediately cancels request for new trial

 June 18, 2024

The wild and mysterious Hunter Biden saga continues.

According to the New York Post, Hunter Biden filed a motion for a new trial in his federal gun case, but then mysteriously cancelled it just a few seconds later.

Apparently, Hunter Biden thought he might have found a way out of his conviction, but as of right now, the President's son is right back to square one.

Based on a technicality

On June 17, Hunter Biden's lawyers asked for a new trial based on a technicality. Hunter Biden had been convicted on charges of lying about his drug use in order to buy a gun. Weirdly though, the New York Post is saying that the lawyers quickly scrapped the appeal.

In one section of their article they said that the request was cancelled "seconds later." A few paragraphs later, they say that Hunter team scrapped "the request minutes later."

Either way, the cancellation of the request happened so quickly that it was bound to gain some attention.

As a matter of fact, it seems as if this entire trial and Hunter Biden's whole life lately have been nothing but a circus.

Problems on top of problems

Hunter Biden has been facing so many allegations and charges from so many different directions that it's REALLY hard to keep them all straight.

What is easy to glean from this evidence though, without even looking at each case individually, is that Hunter Biden is NOT a very nice guy. Even the things that haven't technically been criminal problems show just how dysfunctional this man-child really is.

Lunden and Navy Joan Roberts

Hunter Biden has been completely reckless and always refuses to take accountability. He even impregnated a stripper named Lunden Roberts at one point, and has REFUSED to have anything to do with their child since it was born.

He has even callously refused to allow his daughter to use the family's famous last name, just so she won't get the advantages that he has. Jill Biden has been completely onboard with disowning Navy Roberts as well, refusing to hang up a stocking for the girl come Christmas.

Federal gun charges

Hunter Biden's criminal offenses came when he promised on a gun application that he was NOT addicted to any drugs. He said that he was not.

However, Hunter Biden also has been chasing street cred and talking about being addicted to illegal drugs during the very time period he promised the government he was not using them. Hunter got caught, and was convicted of three felonies.

Whether or not Hunter is able to get out of the charges remains to be seen, but instantly cancelling the appeal request doesn't seem to be a good start.

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