Hunter Biden Judge Issues New Order

 July 31, 2023

Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika issued an order recently that will prevent "apparent misrepresentations" related to the Hunter Biden case.

The order instructs that all Hunter Biden evidence in his case must be brought straight to her to avoid potential "misrepresentations" in the future.

"I have already discussed my concerns about apparent misrepresentations made to a member of this Court’s Clerk’s Office," the order says. "In addition to that, in a submission addressing those apparent misrepresentations, counsel for the House Ways and Means Committee needlessly included on the public docket an email from a Clerk’s Office staff member that contained her personal contact information."

"THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that, going forward, any issues or inquiries in the above-captioned cases shall be brought to my attention and not to the Clerk’s Office. Any such issues and inquiries shall be submitted in writing and placed on the docket," it concludes.

Is it really any surprise that there are extra precautions being set in place to make sure that this Hunter Biden situation doesn't turn into a circus as well?

Hunter's lawyers have already been accused of using false identities in order to gain access to information they weren't entitled to.

A member of Hunter's team "misrepresented her identity" during a call with the Clerk's Office about a filing by a Republican lawmaker. That's why Noreika has had to threaten sanctions against Biden's legal team.

She doesn't trust them anymore than the rest of America does.

Noreika said that "Latham & Watkins LLP staffer Jessica Bengals represented herself as someone who worked with Theodore Kittila, the attorney for the House Ways & Means Committee in a call to the Clerk’s Office."

Bengals was reportedly trying to get the clerk to take down certain information from the IRS whistleblower testimony because it contained "sensitive information." But that's not why she wanted it taken down.

She wanted it taken down to protect Hunter Biden.

We should have known that this legal team would result to trickery before too long.

After all, look who they're representing.

America would be better off with Hunter Biden, and his legal team, in jail.

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