Ilhan Omar criticizes Biden for introducing Trump-like asylum restrictions

February 23, 2023

Open borders zealot Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is calling out President Biden over his plans to introduce new restrictions on asylum once the Title 42 border policy ends in a few months.

The new Biden rule is being compared by some to President Trump's "safe third country" rule, which barred asylum seekers who do not first seek refuge in another country while in transit to the United States.

Dem turns on Biden

The usual suspects are condemning Biden's policy, with Omar calling it "almost identical to Donald Trump’s 'transit ban.'"

Omar claimed Biden is putting "countless" lives at risk. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

“The victims of this policy will be the innocent—people who committed no crime other than daring to seek a better life in the United States of America. I know. Because I was one of them," she said.

Biden's expedience

Title 42 was the last Trump border policy left standing after Biden got into office and immediately began gutting immigration restrictions.

Under pressure from his left, Biden maintained a love-hate relationship with Title 42 for two years -- criticizing it on one hand while making expedient use of it on the other to keep the border crisis in check.

But with Biden planning to end the COVID public health emergency in May, Title 42 -- which Trump introduced in 2020 as a public health rule -- is officially on the chopping block. Officials have warned that without new measures in place, some 13,000 immigrants a day could rush the border.

The Biden administration has specifically tied the new asylum rule to end of Title 42 -- writing the new restrictions are justified in "anticipation of a potential surge in migration at the southwest border of the United States."

Copying Trump?

So, it looks like Biden is back to square one with the insatiably self-righteous open borders lobby. But is Biden really copying Donald Trump's homework? While it appears that way at first glance, there are notable differences.

Unlike Trump, Biden will not disqualify asylum seekers outright, but leave them with a "rebuttable presumption" of ineligibility. And the Biden administration has touted new "legal pathways" for asylum seekers, which include a smartphone app to request appointments at ports of entry.

Oh -- and the new policy is "temporary" and lasts for two years. Is there anything big happening two years from now?

The right-wing Center for Immigration Studies says the policy is "packed full of loopholes," a sentiment echoed by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

“In other words, the real objective is not to end large-scale asylum abuse, but rather to get them through the next election cycle," FAIR said.

Does Biden have a real plan to get the border under control? A little skepticism is warranted, here.

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