Jackie Kennedy was hospitalized and fighting for her life because of eating disorder

 June 16, 2024

With RFK Jr. making a decent effort for America's presidency in 2024, the Kennedy family has been getting increased media attention.

This time, it's Jackie Kennedy who's in the headlines.

Despite dying back in 1994, new information is still being uncovered about America's former First Lady, who served in that capacity from 1961 until her husband JFK's assassination in 1963.

She was an extremely popular First Lady, endearing herself to the American public by presenting a devotion to family, historic preservation of America's White House, and campaigning to restore historic landmarks with significance to the arts in this country.

Now, we're learning about one time Jacqueline Kennedy was forced to stay in the hospital fighting for her life. Before this, the reason for the stay in the hospital wasn't confirmed, but now it has been:

Eating disorder

That's right, despite seemingly having it all, Jackie Kennedy was very clearly human.

It looks like the pressures of society got to even her as well. DailyMail.co.uk is reporting that Jackie Kennedy was once "hospitalized with an eating disorder and left fighting for her life."

The details, which were previously not very well known, are being chronicled in a new book:

Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed

The book claims that Jackie Kennedy suffered many battles with "disordered eating" because of PTSD as a result of her husband President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. A series of lost pregnancies is also said to have added to her stress.

Reportedly, "While married to her second husband, Aristotle Onassis, Jackie 'lost 24 pounds in nine days, started having panic attacks and could barely stand up,'" the Daily Mail reports, adding: "'She wound up in the hospital.'"

The author of the book, Maureen Callahan, includes that many of Jackie Kennedy's health struggles were her own fault, and it doesn't paint America's President in a very good light.

Jackie's pregnancy problems were probably "caused by all the sexually transmitted diseases — asymptomatic chlamydia among them — that Jack had passed to her."

Her husband getting shot in the head while she sat right next to him reportedly had a physical impact on Jackie Kennedy as well.

Jackie Kennedy "suffered excruciating, pulsating pain in her neck," Maureen Callahan writes.

The source article adds, "Jackie believed this was due to 'permanent nerve damage from clutching JFK's 'shattered head in her lap' after he was shot."

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