Jill Biden hits the campaign trail . . . without Joe

 October 8, 2023

First Lady Jill Biden has hit the 2024 campaign trail without the person for whom she is campaigning - President Joe Biden. 

It began with a trip that the first lady made to New York on Friday. There, she stopped at two events, one at the Dutchess Community College in Fishkill and the other at DAY ONE Early Learning Community in Poughkeepsie.

It was clear, based on her comments during the visit, that Biden made the trip to campaign on behalf of her husband - who, again, was not there.

The first lady is scheduled to continue her campaigning this week.

The First Lady's next stop

Jill Biden is scheduled to make a two-day trip to Wisconsin. The trip, according to Fox 6, will take place on Oct. 9 and 10.

"On Monday evening, the first lady will be in Green Bay for a meeting with news media. She will also join an NFL Crucial Catch Monday Night Football watch party hosted by the American Cancer Society in Titletown," the outlet reports.

It continues, "On Tuesday morning, the first lady is expected to tour the Menominee Tribal Enterprises’ sawmill in Neopit, Wisconsin -- to learn about the Menominee Tribe’s sustainable forest management."

Finally, Fox reports, "In the afternoon, Jill Biden will visit the College of Menominee Nation in Keshena, Wisconsin, to learn about the Menominee Tribe’s approach to community education and sustainable development. She will also take part in the College of Menominee Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Summit."

The press release for the event says that the first lady will "highlight the Biden Administration’s commitment to supporting Native communities and working together with Tribal Nations."

Biden's Basement Strategy 2.0

President Biden claims that he is running for reelection in 2024. He is currently the clear favorite to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 2024.

There are many doubts, however, about whether Biden actually is going to make it to 2024. And, some of these doubts have been raised by the fact that Biden, thus far, has done virtually zero campaigning for his reelection.

It is true that this campaigning strategy - if that is the right term for it - is not that unusual for Biden. The reader will likely remember how he spent the majority of the 2020 campaign season in his basement, and it worked.

Things, however, are very different for Biden this time around. The polls have made it clear that Biden is not campaigning from a position of strength - neither with regard to his policies or his personal characteristics.

So, on the one hand, it would be hard to believe that the basement strategy could work again. But, on the other hand, given what we saw in 2020, it might not be that surprising if it did.

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