Journalists barred from White House event where 20 chairs were left open

May 9, 2023

The White House barred journalists from attending an event with the president on Monday, despite there being plenty of seating room available.  

The Daily Caller, a conservative website, was able to get in but a journalist for the right-wing tabloid New York Post was denied access to the event, where about 20 seats were left open.

The arbitrary restrictions are just the latest example of Biden's phony commitment to so-called "transparency," which has left journalists precious few opportunities to ask him questions.

Biden's media crackdown

At least one conservative journalist was barred from Monday's event. The New York Post's Steven Nelson covers the Hunter Biden scandal.

The Post famously published Hunter Biden's emails, which detail Joe Biden's role in his son's sleazy overseas business deals, on the eve of the 2020 election. Nelson received a cryptic e-mail saying his request for access was denied.

"Thank you for understanding. We will let you know if a credential becomes available," the White House said.

The newspaper wasn't the only one sidelined. Another journalist vented their frustration anonymously to the Daily Caller.

“It’s very frustrating. I’m here everyday and when you see a big group of people going and you’re sitting on the sidelines, I don’t know what to make of it. This is the first time in memory that I have not been allowed in,” the reporter said.

Hermit in chief

In sharp contrast with his predecessor, Biden has held few press conferences during his presidency, and his rare public events are carefully vetted and choreographed.

Reporters have griped about the hermit president's opacity, with even the far-left Washington Post rebuking Biden for failing to be more open.

"President Biden hasn’t dropped the microphone; he appears to have lost it. Mr. Biden is turning into a news media evader, and it’s harmful to his presidency and the nation," the paper's editorial board wrote.

It's all very ironic, of course. The media constantly accused President Trump of shutting down press access, despite his willingness to engage freely with overwhelmingly hostile reporters, whom he called the "enemy of the people."

On the other hand, Biden sings hollow praises of the press -- which is mostly friendly to him -- but he never talks to them. What's he so afraid of?

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