Judge delays Jack Smith's Trump case

 July 8, 2024

A federal judge has just paused the case that special counsel Jack Smith has brought against former President Donald Trump. 

Fox News reports that U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon issued the pause on Saturday.

This is all taking place in the classified documents case that Smith has brought against Trump, alleging that the former president illegally mishandled classified documents when he left office and that he obstructed the government's efforts to get those documents back.

The case, however, has not exactly been going Smith's way, and this is because, unlike the judges overseeing Trump's other cases, Cannon is clearly not a Democrat partisan judge.

Trump takes the Supreme Court's ruling and runs with it

One of the big developments last week, was the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling regarding Trump's claim that he is protected from prosecution under the doctrine of presidential immunity.

The Supreme Court did not give Trump a total win - it did not say, for example, that Trump has absolute immunity from prosecution. The justices did, however, rule that U.S. presidents have immunity for official acts taken while in office.

This is likely going to be problematic for Smith and the other prosecutors because, now, they have to show that the stuff they are prosecuting Trump for is not precluded under presidential immunity.

Trump, on Friday - just days after the Supreme Court's ruling - filed a motion with the court in which he invoked the Supreme Court's ruling.

Trump's legal team asked the judge to pause the case in order to give the judge an opportunity to reconsider the case given the Supreme Court's immunity rule.

Canon's ruling

On Saturday, Cannon responded to Trump's request by postponing several deadlines in the case. At the moment, she is given Smith an opportunity to respond to Trump's motions.

"In a brief order on Saturday, Judge Cannon told prosecutors in the office of the special counsel, Jack Smith, that they had until July 18 to respond to Mr. Trump’s request for a broad delay," the New York Times reports.

The outlet adds, "In the meantime, she pushed back two approaching deadlines in the case related to filings about expert witnesses the two sides plan to introduce at trial and to the defense’s obligation to provide discovery information to the government."

This is being considered a win for Trump, who is looking to have the case delayed until after the 2024 election.

Trump has maintained that Smith and the other prosecutors have essentially been running election interference for Biden and the Democrats.

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