Judge Judy rules in favor of Donald Trump

 June 24, 2024

In a surprise to many, the well-known television personality Judge Judy Sheindlin has come to the defense of former President Donald Trump. 

This, however, does not mean that she is now a supporter of Trump. There will be more on this in a moment.

Sheindlin, according to the Washington Examinercame to Trump's defense during a recent interview with CNN's Chris Wallace.

Among other things, the two touched upon the recent guilty verdict in Trump's so-called hush-money case. Suffice it to say, that Sheindlin does not agree with the verdict.

Judge Judy weighs in

Wallace, during the interview, asked Sheindlin whether, in her opinion, Trump's attempt to get his various prosecutions pushed back until after the presidential election was an unjust manipulation of the American legal system.

Sheindlin - to the surprise of Wallace - responded by going after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D), the George Soros-backed prosecutor who brought the "hush-money" case against Trump.

"I would be happier, as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the district attorney of New York County would take care of criminals who were making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway, to use his efforts to keep those people off the street, than to spend $5 million or $10 million of taxpayers’ money trying Donald Trump on this nonsense," Sheindlin said.

Sheindlin, however, didn't stop there. She went on to accuse Bragg of trying to use the legal system for his own "personal aggrandizement."

Sheindlin continued, "I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement."

"That's what I think"

At this point, Wallace jumped in to clarify whether Scheindlin was making this claim about Bragg. She answered in the affirmative.

"That's what I think [the district attorney did in Manhattan]. I mean, if you look - you had to twist yourself into a pretzel to figure out what the crime was. [Bragg] doesn't like [Trump]. New York City didn't like [Trump] for a while."

Wallace, here, asked Sheindlin what she thinks about Trump. At first, she praised him for his background as a real estate businessman and for his hit television show The Apprentice. 

But, then, referring to Trump's presidency, Sheindlin said, "I don’t think that Donald ever should have been president, and I don’t think Donald even thought he was going to be president."

So, Judge Judy is clearly no Trump supporter - (she actually campaigned for Nikki Haley). But, she is also no supporter of the Democrats' weaponization of the legal system against him.

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