Kamala Harris barely mentions Joe Biden at campaign event

 July 8, 2024

Kamala Harris barely mentioned her boss during a solo campaign appearance in New Orleans this weekend, fueling fresh speculation about Joe Biden's future as Democrats pressure him to step aside.

Since Biden's disastrous debate performance in June, interest in Harris has increased as Democrats search desperately for an alternative to the embattled president.

Harris only mentioned Biden one time at the Essence Festival. The event is hosted by the black women's magazine Essence.

Harris barely mentions Biden

Of course, Harris' candidacy comes with its own serious flaws. Harris is notorious for loopy "word salad" and her mettle hasn't been tested in a one-on-one with Trump.

Still, some Democrats and liberal commentators have begun to embrace her as Biden seems to be fighting a losing battle.

She is Biden's direct successor, which would allow Democrats to replace Biden without a bruising convention battle. Her identity as a black woman is also a factor, given the importance of black voters in the party's coalition.

Harris' identity was front and center Saturday as she spoke to a predominantly black crowd. She focused her remarks on blasting Donald Trump, mentioning 81-year-old Biden only in passing.

“This is probably the most significant election of our lifetime,” Harris said. “We have said it every four years, but this here one is it,” she said.

Biden defiant as dissent grows

Biden only fueled more concern with an ABC interview that aired Friday. During the brief interview, Biden looked frail and rejected concerns that he is unfit, saying he would only step down if "the Lord Almighty" said so.

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod blasted Biden's interview as the stuff of "delusion." By Sunday, senior Democrats were privately calling for Biden to step down.

Democrats also seemed to use the Sunday talk shows to prime the idea of President Harris. Adam Schiff (D-CA) urged Biden to win "overwhelmingly" or quit.

"Either he has to win overwhelmingly or he has to pass the torch to someone who can," Schiff said.

Biden made an aggressive push Monday to stifle dissent, slamming "elites" in his party and urging Democrats to unite behind him as lawmakers returned from their July 4 recess.

For now, Harris is publicly backing her boss - however halfheartedly - as the party fights over its future.

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