Karine Jean-Pierre skewered for incoherent buzzword-laden statement on border crisis

 March 13, 2023

Joe Biden should thank his lucky stars that he has people working in his administration who make his rambling sound articulate. Few have done more to make Biden shine than his own top propagandist, Karine-Jean Pierre.

The notoriously dim White House press secretary left many astonished as she struggled to piece together a coherent sentence explaining what, exactly, Biden is doing at the southern border.

The setting -- the midwit echo chamber that is MSNBC's All in With Chris Hayes -- couldn't have been friendlier, but that didn't stop Jean-Pierre from short-circuiting.

Come again, Karine?

In the span of about a minute, Jean-Pierre said three times that the administration would "move forward" and pledged Biden would "fix the damage that the last administration do [sic]."

"We're gonna move forward and do it in a humane way," she said. "We're gonna do it in a safe way. And we're going to do it in the way that moves us forward. And so what we have been seeing, what we have been dealing with, again, is trying to fix the damage that the last administration do--did."

It was a typical response from a White House official known for her reliance on banal buzzwords and talking points. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was among those who criticized Jean-Pierre's nonsensical soundbite.

"Not even the White House @PressSec can provide a clear defense of Biden’s indefensible open borders agenda," he said.

Jean-Pierre's winding statement echoed Biden's recurring complaint that he inherited a "broken system" from past generations of political leadership, particularly the Trump administration.

Border insanity continues

Despite that charge, Biden has taken cautious steps toward a more restrictive, some say Trump-like, approach, a seemingly calculated effort to defuse criticism of a historic border surge ahead of Biden's re-election bid.

While limiting asylum in some ways, Biden has also opened up "legal pathways" that have drawn criticism from immigration hawks, something Jean-Pierre mentioned in her expectoration of word-tissue.

"What we have done is we have opened the path to – we have opened the path to make sure that people have a way to get, to come through and to do it in a legal pathway," she said.

A fresh caravan of immigrants stormed across a bridge connecting Mexico and El Paso, Texas on Sunday, a fresh reminder that the border is far from under control, despite what the White House claims.

The riot was prompted by a "rumor" that immigrants would be allowed in, although many would say that's more policy than "rumor" with the current administration.

The Border Patrol had to declare an emergency and shut down three border crossing areas to get things under control.

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