Liberals grappling with possibility of Trump comeback

 September 26, 2023

With no apparent self-awareness, liberals are arguing that "democracy" is in danger because they can't predict with scientific accuracy that Joe Biden will win re-election.

The left-wing rag Slate published an unintentionally ironic, hand-wringing screed about 2024 and the disappearance of "norms" - a perennial lament among left-wing authoritarians.

Trump rising?

The piece showcases the rising, palpable dread on the left that Biden is too weak and unpopular to protect the country from a so-called fascist rising.

The author frets that "absolutely nothing about the upcoming year will be normal" because of the possibility - once seen as remote but no longer - that a so-called insurrectionist will return to power.

"It has all added up to an election cycle that feels dangerous, but also surreal," author Christina Cauterucci writes. 

The handwringing is justified. Biden has no convincing case for re-election - he has done an awful job running the country and the polls reflect that.

Rather than confront reality, liberals have doubled down on blaming the supposedly parochial concerns of voters struggling to pay for gas. Don't they realize that Democracy is at stake?

Here was Tom Nichols, self-appointed democracy expert, reacting to a shocking poll that shows Trump ten points ahead of Sleepy Joe:


Hectoring voters with ultimatums is certainly an unconventional election strategy, but it isn't just liberal pundits who are doing this. President Biden has made the argument repeatedly: either you support Biden and "democracy," or you're an enemy of the state.

Of course, uncertainty is always an element of elections in any real democracy. What liberals want is a predetermined outcome - a stage play in which the "good guys," them, are guaranteed victory every single time.

They want Trump convicted in a kangaroo court, jailed, and removed from the ballot. Only then will "democracy" be safe from the "deplorables" who fail to get with the agenda.

If it works, then Trump is going to jail, Biden wins re-election and "democracy" is over as we know it. But if it doesn't?

If Trump, a so-called "insurrectionist" wins in 2024, then liberals' heads are going to explode. It will make the aftermath of 2016 look tame by comparison.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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