Major media outlets, pundits call on Biden to be replaced after debate

 June 28, 2024

To say President Joe Biden had a bad debate performance would almost be a compliment, because it was so much worse than that.

It was so bad that within seconds of the end of the debate, CNN, the debate hose, among other traditionally friendly Biden outlets, immediately suggested he should drop out of the race and let someone else take his place.

Many on the left immediately suggested he be replaced, given that his cognitive decline was on full display during the debate.

Several names have cropped up as possible replacements, though it's difficult to know if talks about replacing him are actually happening at the DNC.

What's happening?

If Vice President Kamala Harris wasn't polling equally as terrible -- or worse -- than her boss, she would be the logical replacement for the party's ticket. But they know she can't beat Trump in the general election, so she's pretty much not even being spoken of as a replacement.

Of all the potential replacements, California Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to rank at the top of the list, and many believe that somehow, someway, within the next few months, it's likely he'll be the party's nominee.

The Sacramento Bee was one of many outlets calling for Biden to be replaced.

In an op-ed, the outlet wrote:

After Thursday night’s debate performance, one thing is crystal clear: The national Democratic Party must immediately announce they will seek to replace President Joe Biden as the presumptive candidate. We can do better than this. There are still nearly two months before the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, scheduled for late August. Thursday’s debate made it clear that Biden must be replaced as the candidate with someone — anyone.

The New York Times' editorial board called for the elderly president to drop out of the race on Friday, marking the most influential media outlet to do so in the wake of his poor debate performance.

While a few of Biden's die-hard supporters are still attempting to cover for him, the rhetoric throughout the party after the debate and into Friday was crystal clear. They want him out.

What next?

As Vox explained, replacing Biden isn't as easy as many believe it could be, assuming he doesn't drop out voluntarily.

From the delegate problem to getting someone up and running as a replacement with the necessary campaign infrastructure for the next four intensive months, the idea of replacing Biden is, at least on paper, a long shot.

The only real way it happens is if the right people push for a brokered convention.

Only time will tell if that happens, and if that's the case, we haven't seen chaos and crazy yet.

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