Man arrested after threatening Hillary Clinton

 September 10, 2023

The Secret Service has arrested an Illinois man after he threatened Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats. 

The man, according to local outlets, is 39-year-old Adam Mouser from Jacksonville, Illinois.

Mouser is said to have threatened not only Clinton, but President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, former President Barack Obama, and law enforcement.

Mouser is alleged to have made the threats in a number of messages that he posted online.

What did he do?

Some of the posts that Mouser made on X can be found here.

In one, Mouser wrote:

They murdered a man for threatening pedo Joe Biden on Facebook, and, since i'm not aloud on there, I say, give me 3 seconds near that [explitive] and I'll murder him with my bar f****** hands then put a bullet in that piece of s*** his wife and son bring. Come to my door.

In another, Mouser responded to a question that asked, "If you had to choose, who would you eat with, President Obama or Hillary Clinton."

Mouser wrote, "Both my little pocket 22 needs to be used up close and aimed at soft meat under the chin to fully work."

Mouser allegedly made several other posts of this nature, and he even threatened law enforcement in some.

The arrest and charges

Federal law enforcement officers responded to the above posts by tracking Mouser down to his home in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Law and Crime reports:

A Secret Service agent and a local police detective arrived at his home on Aug. 23, documents stated. According to the affidavit, they knocked on the door. Mouser opened and “appeared very hostile,” authorities said. “Yeah, I posted it,” he allegedly told them. He said that he meant it and stood behind the posts, authorities said.

Mouser was not arrested on this occasion. And, afterward, he continued with his threats, insisting that they were protected by the First Amendment's free speech clause.

Subsequently, an arrest warrant was obtained and Mouser was arrested. Mouser has been charged with threats against the president, threats against former presidents and certain other persons protected by the United States Secret Service, and with interstate communications with the threat to injure in violation.

Mouser, at the time of this writing, is being held at the Sangamon County Jail. Reports indicate that he is being held "pending a ruling on the rehearing of pretrial detention." The big question, of course, is whether the judge is going to allow Mouser to be released on bail.

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