McCarthy pushes back against latest Ukraine financial package

 June 7, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed that the Senate's latest push for aid to Ukraine will not move forward in the House.

McCarthy shared the remarks in comments to Punchbowl News this week.

The remarks

“I’m not going to pre-judge what some of them [in the Senate] do, but if they think they’re writing a supplemental because they want to go around an agreement we just made, it’s not going anywhere,” McCarthy said.

“You first have to show, what do you need money for? We’ve got an approps process. We’re just going to work through an approps process. They’re not going to circumvent what we’re doing here,” he continued.

Still going

GOP senators said they will continue with the package for Ukraine despite McCarthy's objections.

“My assumption is if when the time comes there would be a lot of collaboration, coordination and trying to make sure that whatever we do would enjoy broad support in both the Senate and in the House,” Republican Whip John Thune told CNN Tuesday.

“Sometimes on issues like this the Senate leads. Sometimes the House leads, but it’s a heavier lift over there no question," he added.

"McCarthy's comments could signal a tougher road through Congress when President Joe Biden next asks for additional funds for Ukraine. The House and Senate last approved aid for the Kyiv government - $48 billion - in December, before Republicans took control of the House," Reuters reported.

"That money is expected to last at least through Sept. 30, the end of the current fiscal year. Lawmakers said Biden is expected to request more funds by August or September," it added.

McCarthy's push against Ukraine funding comes as Republicans continue to show concern over a lack of accountability over billions of dollars in aid to the war-torn nation.

The GOP continues to support Ukraine but the funding to do so will now require more details before it will receive support from McCarthy.


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