Melania Trump seen leaving Trump Tower days after husband's guilty verdict

 June 7, 2024

There was a parade of allies who appeared at the Manhattan courthouse to display their support of former President Donald Trump at various points throughout his recent New York criminal trial that ended with felony convictions.

One notable absence from the media's coverage was the defendant's wife, former first lady Melania Trump, but it has now been revealed that she was quietly supporting her husband from their home atop Trump Tower, according to a report from New York Magazine's Intelligencer.

The revelation about Melania's whereabouts during the trial came on Tuesday when she and her son Barron were seen for the first time since Trump's guilty verdict last week while leaving the family's luxurious residence in New York City.

Melania has been at Trump Tower for the past few weeks

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that the former first lady and former first son were seen by photographers exiting Trump Tower only to then be loaded into an armored black Secret Service SUV along with several pieces of luggage.

It is believed that they were headed to the family's "safe haven" residence at the Bedminster golf resort in New Jersey, where the Trumps often spend the summer months to escape the heat and humidity at their primary residence at the Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida.

The outlet noted that Melania had been "holed up" inside Trump Tower for the past two weeks while her husband endured the politically motivated prosecution brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg amid the one-sided sham of a trial overseen by Judge Juan Merchan.

It was further reported that she was there to comfort and support him following the jury's verdict that concluded the weeks-long trial that began in April.

The post-verdict atmosphere at Trump's residence

The New York Post's Page Six reported last week in the immediate aftermath of the guilty verdict that the atmosphere and mood among the former president's family members who gathered at Trump Tower for the end of the trial was "gloomy and gloomier."

It is not known "exactly" when Melania and Barron arrived at Trump Tower approximately two weeks earlier, as they were not spotted by the media entering the building. That is because, according to an unnamed source, the mother and son "were smuggled in through the side entrance" to purposefully avoid the press and cameras.

One inside source described the post-verdict family gathering as being like a "funeral," while another told the outlet, "Everyone is upset. Trump talked to both Melania and all his children, including Ivanka. [But] Trump says the real verdict will take place in November when the people vote."

Yet another unnamed source explained, "Everyone was hoping for him to get off or at least get a hung jury … the fact it happened rather quickly has everyone in a tizzy. But Trump’s friends say it’s not unexpected, and they’re prepared for the next steps, including the appeal."

Will Melania make any appearances on the campaign trail?

With the trial now out of the way -- though sentencing remains to be settled in July -- the media's obsession with the former first lady's whereabouts can now return to its regularly scheduled programming of speculative reports about why she has also not been a visible presence on the campaign trail in support of the former president's re-election bid.

The Hill reported in late April that, aside from voting alongside her husband in the Florida primary and speaking at a small fundraiser for LGBT Republicans, Melania appeared unlikely to play much of a role in the campaign -- though that could change once Trump has officially been named the GOP nominee at the Republican convention in July.

Per multiple sources, the main reason for her lack of participation in the campaign is that she is an exceptionally private and reserved person who isn't particularly fond of politics and dislikes the rigors of campaign appearances, where she is often asked questions by the media about her husband that she'd prefer not to address.

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